What I Have Learned as a UX Designer

Here are my key takeaways after working on a confidential project. While I can’t reveal the details, I learned a lot from it. Now, I want to share my learnings with all of you.

1. Investigate the problem

Once you have a full understanding of the problem at hand, you are already making a big step in finishing the product. It might be more fun to work on a prototype but focusing on that over research is a crucial error. If you want a smooth design process, you need to have justification for your design decisions. This will prevent many rounds of revisions in the future as well.

2. Set design goals

With established design goals, you can focus on the most important tasks. This is a way to ensure that the design will align with expectations at the end. Lay down what you plan to achieve with the design and always return to them when in need of guidance. These goals are also important when it is time to exchange feedback since they give you a quantifiable way to measure your success.

3. Always rely on data

A lot of people create personas, after whom the product will be designed. This is a bad idea when you are working on something broad or heterogeneous. Instead, you should look towards data for relevant and accurate information. This also helps with the assignment of tasks that are realistic and will actually produce real results.

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