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Hello, my name is Bradley Taunt and this is my little piece of the internet. I'm a UI/UX designer obsessed with performance and accessibility. I also enjoy playing with (read: breaking) computer hardware - specifically single board computers and vintage electronics.

I believe in a free and open web, which is why I try to contribute as much as possible to the open source community and create my own libre software products. Every little bit helps.

This blog is a place for me to just dump my thoughts, ranging from design patterns, CSS hacks/demos, custom SBC builds, linux distros and even video games.

Articles written here are more or less for my own reference in the future - don't take them so seriously. Some of my more popular and "customized" essays are listed below, if that's your cup of tea.

Enjoy your stay!

Popular Essays & Thought Experiments

Better Search Results
A UX experiment and case study re-thinking the design of search result layouts.

Blog Anonymously
Tips and tricks on how to blog anonymously across the interwebs.

Frugal Web Browser
A design experiment exploring the concept of a performance-focused web browser.

Articles, Demos & Tutorials


Sharing The Things We Use24-07-21
PS4 Download UI with Pure CSS20-06-21
CSS Slope Graphs07-06-21
SOMA Inspired Terminal Display with CSS29-05-21
My Changing Opinion on Personal Website Design19-05-21
Shiny, Animated CSS Buttons27-04-21
Create a Mac App Icon with Pure HTML & CSS13-04-21
The Lazy Developer's Dark Mode12-04-21
Click to Load Website Images25-03-21
89 Blog Posts in a Single HTML File22-03-21
Introducing PageRoast11-03-21
ThriftyName: $5 Brand Names25-02-21
Self-Hosting Fathom Analytics with DigitalOcean02-02-21
Setting Up Fathom Analytics with Netlify19-01-21
Introducing Notez13-01-21
Animated Radio Tab Toggles05-01-21
Disabling Comments in WordPress28-12-20
Pure CSS Bar Graphs with Graceful Mobile Fallbacks08-12-20
Obvious Javascript 'Injection' Fallback04-12-20
Bidirectional Scrolling: Why Not Both?09-11-20
Menu Toggle with Pure CSS19-10-20
Poor Man's CSS Full-Bleed Layout07-10-20
Simple Navigation Setup in Jekyll 3.9.029-09-20
Portable Pi: Cheap Raspberry Pi Zero Hacker Terminal16-09-20
Over-Engineering an Oil Tank Gauge09-09-20
My Raspberry Pi Desktop02-09-20
Linux Mint MacBook Air Setup16-08-20
Goodbye WordPress, Hello Jekyll (Again)13-08-20
Audio Hotkeys on Linux Mint14-07-20
Improving Github’s New Design07-07-20
Keynote Slides with Pure CSS22-06-20
Quick & Dirty Theme Switcher04-06-20
Mini Interactive Keyboard with Pure CSS13-05-20
Fixing LocalWP on Fedora 3206-05-20
WP Enqueue for Beginners05-05-20
Faking 3D Elements with CSS29-04-20
Stripe Menu Dropdowns (CSS)31-03-20
Base64 All The Things! (Sometimes)18-03-20
How to "FLOSS" as a Web Designer07-02-20
Web Development on a $200 Chromebook07-01-20
Billing for One CSS Change29-11-19
Very Basic Form Styling13-11-19
Improving Tufte CSS for Jekyll01-11-19
Stop Using Sticky Navigation on Mobile06-10-19
Plain Text Emails, Please08-09-19
Being More Efficient as a Designer & Developer27-08-19
Dynamic Checkboxes29-07-19
Styling Empty Table Cells16-07-19
Using HTML Validator Badges Again04-07-19
They Won't Wait: A Warning for Slow Websites24-06-19
Publishing Simple Books With Jekyll19-06-19
Using Hamburger Menus? Try Sausage Links13-06-19
Making Tables Responsive With Minimal CSS10-06-19
Write HTML Like It's 199907-06-19
Using user-select03-06-19
News Websites Are Dumpster Fires28-05-19
Text Align: Justify21-05-19
Improving receipt UX14-05-19
Cut your forms in half08-05-19
First letter pseudo element02-05-19
Minimal CSS: Dropdown menu25-04-19
CSS Character unit22-04-19
Browser history sucks19-04-19
Yes, I still use jQuery14-04-19
CSS value: current color12-04-19
CSS: Indenting text04-04-19
Simple Does Not Mean Ugly25-03-19
Skip to content button24-03-19
Prescription form UI improvements12-03-19
Animated card tiles26-02-19
Easy toggle switches17-02-19
Super Mario blocks in CSS14-02-19
Proper UI hierarchy04-02-19
Tabbed content without JavaScript27-01-19
Easy custom radio inputs20-01-19
Basic gulp build for Sass14-01-19
Better Box Shadows07-01-19
Using parent selectors in CSS18-12-18
Width or flex-basis?27-11-18
Adaptable flexbox grid21-11-18
What happened to self-hosted blogs?17-10-18
Pure CSS simple dropdown plugin19-09-18
Simple accessibility06-09-18
Using multiple CSS background images27-08-18
Setting up a free SSL06-08-18
CSS video backgrounds15-04-18
CSS variables23-03-18
Stay hungry11-02-18
Open source typeface pairings24-01-18
ET-Jekyll theme13-01-18
Chasing performance19-11-17
The Death of Personality31-10-17
Unsolicited design review - Dropbox09-10-17
Goodbye CSS preprocessors06-08-17
Designers need thicker skin09-07-17
The wonders of text ellipsis14-11-16
Aqua UI CSS buttons27-05-16

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