User interface designer, developer and hardware tinkerer

Hello, my name is Bradley Taunt and this is my little piece of the internet. I’m a UI/UX designer obsessed with performance and accessibility. I also enjoy playing with (read: breaking) computer hardware – specifically single board computers and vintage electronics.

I believe in a free and open web, which is why I try to contribute as much as possible to the open source community and create my own libre software products. Every little bit helps.

This blog is a place for me to just dump my thoughts, ranging from design patterns, CSS hacks/demos, custom SBC builds, linux distros and even video games.

Articles written here are more or less for my own reference in the future – don’t take them so seriously. Some of my more popular and “customized” essays are listed below, if that’s your cup of tea.

Enjoy your stay!

Open source projects I’m proud of:


PHPetite (/p/h/pəˈtēt/) is a single file, static blog generated from PHP

1MB Club

An exclusive members-only club for web pages weighing less than 1MB


Setup your very own SMS to blog platform with Github Actions and Twilio

Vanilla CSS

A minimal baseline stylesheet for any web project. It includes a basic reset and default styling for all HTML5 elements

Popular essays & thought experiments:

Better Search Results
A UX experiment and case study re-thinking the design of search result layouts.

Blog Anonymously
Tips and tricks on how to blog anonymously across the interwebs.

Frugal Web Browser
A design experiment exploring the concept of a performance-focused web browser.