Key Essential Steps to Setting Up Your Vape Store Site

Setting up a website for your vaping products from scratch can be very challenging. However, setting up an online store has become simpler and more beginner-friendly these days – thanks to intuitive eCommerce platforms.

Here are the essential steps you can follow to create your vape business online store site.

Step 1: Pick a domain name

When creating an online store, having a domain name is necessary. While most e-commerce hosts allow you to have a sub-domain, having your very own domain name will have a better ring to it and it is easier to market.

It is important to pick your domain name attentively. For example, if you sell to a specific country, you should consider picking their top domain; in the UK.

Step 2: Pick a catchy slogan

If you don’t have a slogan for your vape business yet, then it is ideal that you make one as it will be one of the highlights on your website’s front page. A slogan is a critical trademark for your business, and it plays a crucial role in your marketing strategies.

Keep your slogan short and straightforward. It is recommended to have it under 10 words.

Step 3: Select the right eCommerce platform

This step can be quite challenging, especially when referring to vape-related products. The majority of entrepreneurs who are running an online store choose Shopify as their eCommerce host because the platform is popular and easy to use. However, vape-related products are among the top items banned on the platform.

However, the good news is that you can find a similar e-commerce platform that allows the selling of vape-relevant items. One of these sites is 3DCart which is now “Shift4Shop”.

Step 4: Design the store website and its pages

When designing your online vape store website, make sure to pick the right color scheme that matches your branding. It is also important to make sure that the texts are easy to notice and read. Additionally, as much as possible, keep your website clean and simple.

If you are not good at web design and coding, then you can choose from the wide range of pre-made templates and themes available online.

Step 5: Include an age verification pop-up

Given that you are selling vapes and other adult-only-access products, it is important you include an age-verification pop-up feature on your website. In addition, there are strict rules and regulations for vape-related merchandise online; thus, make sure to abide by those.

Step 6: Set up shipping and taxes

The next thing you would want to take care of is the shipping methods, shipping fees, and tax calculations. Make sure to reach out to your chosen courier as they can help you with what charges to include in the shipping.

Step 7: Highlight your business’ contact info

Since people will have questions or concerns with their order at some point, it is important that you include your business’ contact information such as a phone number or email address.

You may also include your business’s social media pages as some people might want to follow your brand around outside your website.

Once your online vape store is all set, the next thing you should do is step up your digital marketing tactics. The key is to be consistent and persistent with your efforts.

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