Who is Ugly Duck?

The man, the myth, the legend (not really)

About Me (The Long Version)

If you're reading this page, that means you want to know a little more than what I mention on the homepage. Thanks for your interest and curiosity!

I'm Bradley Taunt, a web designer/developer hybrid with over 10 years of professional experience across large enterprise application software, all the way down to mom-and-pop shops. I have a strong emphasis on building maintainable CSS, with a passion for accessibility and web performance. Ugly Duck is the name of my one-man web shop.

When I'm not pushing pixels or hacking up some code, you can find me experimenting with the latest CSS, splitting batches of firewood, cheering on the Ottawa Senators, or hanging out with my wife and our two sons. Feel free to also check out my reading list.

I'm a huge fan of video games in general but tend to get sucked into looter shooters and in-depth RPGs. Whenever I manage to get any "free time" (that's a difficult thing to obtain with two kids under 3) you'll find me grinding out power levels in Destiny 2 and Warframe or being summoned for some jolly co-op in Dark Souls 3.

Why does this site look so plain?

The web has become infuriatingly bloated over time. Tracking scripts, third-party advertisements, fancy “visual” effects, auto-playing videos, and overall just poorly structured HTML has made the internet a horrible place to visit (most of the time). I had the choice to make my personal website “cool” and “flashy” in order to stand out among my peers. I could have used some cutting edge JavaScript libraries, impressed visitors with intricate CSS animations, and took advantage of the latest browser features available.

But I didn’t. Instead I designed my site with barely any CSS and zero JavaScript. Feel free to use it yourself or fork it and tweak to your own liking!

Most visitors to this blog just want to read the content. Why put so much garbage in their way to do something so simple? The web can be a better, faster, cleaner place - you just have to make the effort.

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Working as a designer at Purism, the maker of devices that are open and respect human rights. Currently designing and developing all web-related properties.

Skills & Tools

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, WordPress, React, Sketch, Photoshop, Inkscape, GIMP