My Life Experiences as Preparation for My Work as a UX Designer in Canada

It is never easy to turn away from where you grew up and move to a place where everything is still so new. Canada has since become my new home after moving from Mexico, but there was more to this than simply packing up my bags and leaving. 

Not only did my earlier life experiences prepare me for work as a UX designer, but they also prepared me to be the person that I now am. As you can imagine, it was a tough choice to leave behind everything I knew for my future. I had a happy childhood in Mexico. There, I learned that life was best kept simple. This is something that I continue to integrate into my work as a UX designer.

It was not easy to transition into learning a different language. I speak English fluently now, but this was not always the case. There were times that I struggled with it. I was teased endlessly for my inability to pronounce certain words correctly. Even though it was difficult, I persevered and kept studying. This was how I learned to never give up and always try again.

There was also the matter of friends. After graduating high school and attending university in Canada, I had no one to confide in who would totally understand my problems. It was a struggle to fit in when I was so clearly out of place. 

Despite the tough days, I worked on making new friends and kept in touch with my old ones. I did not pity myself, and my social life has since improved greatly. No matter how hard things might seem, it will always get better when you have the right mindset.

As a UX designer, you need to work hard and see the bigger picture. I am thankful to work in a field that I am passionate about in a place where opportunities seem endless. No one knows what will come next, but I am now equipped for whatever life throws my way.

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