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Hold Your Horses - I’m No Sell-Out

First thing to understand about sponsorship - I have to actually like your product/service. I won’t post just anything on this blog since it reflects my own personal views. This means I need to stand behind anything I promote here, otherwise I would lose all credibility with my audience.

After all, nobody likes a great, big phony.

What Does It Cost?

The flat fee is $300/month. The duration of the sponsorship can be discussed and customized.

I tend to publish ~2-3 articles each month and promote each piece across my channels. This site receives around 400-1000* unique visitors every month - giving your product / service a good amount of coverage for a reasonable cost.

* sometimes this number can spike as well

What You Get

Sponsors get placed on the top spot on the site, where they can share:

Still Interested? Let’s Talk

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for this site, feel free to reach out via:

hello {at} this site's domain name

From there we can discuss what you plan to promote and all the nitty-gritty details.