About Referrals

This website features curated referrals in the sidebar panel. Allow me to explain their presence in more detail

No Spam or Gimmicks

I share a great deal of open source work, demos and tutorials on this little piece of the web. That takes extra time and effort on my part - for which I do not get officially compensated for.

(Don’t get me wrong - the kind words I receive are wonderful!)

So instead of loading a bunch of garbage ads or sneaking affiliate links to products in my articles, I decided to only list services that I use and have vetted for myself.

Services That I Actually Use

The sidebar might change over time, but for the most part it will showcase items that are part of my own toolset. By sharing these products, you can be confident that I vouch for these services (since I actively use them day-to-day).

You get to use great products with a little more confidence, while putting a couple bucks in my pocket - indirectly supporting this site.

So if you plan on using any of these services or products, maybe consider using my referral links and help keep this site ad-free!


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