Introducing PageRoast

Mar 11, 2021

Following up with my concept of releasing small side projects weekly, I have officially launched PageRoast. What is PageRoast I hear you ask?

Receive a detailed report analyzing your landing page with actionable items to improve your conversion rate.

In simple terms that just means I will roast your landing page. Included in a page roast report is:

And you get all of this for just $100 (currently 50% until April 1st with coupon code PHROAST). Alright, enough with the “sales pitch” - why did I make this side project?

From the main launch blog post on PageRoast itself I wrote:

I’ve always been obsessed with developing landing pages that produce high conversion rates. It’s what I’ve done for a large portion of my web development career.

So I thought to myself, “Why not launch a small-scale audit service to help indie devs and startups?”

That’s really all there is to it. If you would like to learn more, check out the following links:

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