The nitty-gritty details about this site

Static Site Generator

The website is built on top of the latest version of Jekyll. It’s a stable SSG and although not as popular as it once once, I still love it. I use a small amount of extras for the build, including:

Performance Metrics

This website only makes one CSS request and uses no JavaScript. The metrics below are based off of Google’s Lighthouse audit scores (so take them with a grain of salt).

Performance Accessibility Best Practices SEO
99 93 100 100

Custom Typefaces

I really wanted to only use a custom typeface set - but I’m a sucker keeping things simple and performance-focused. Hence the use of default sans-serif fonts.

The average page weight on this site is 65 KB. That’s pretty great and slim for a personal blog website.

Version Control & Hosting

All version control is handled through a private repo on Github (I plan to open source everything once I do some tidying up). I host through Netlify since they make it dead simple to setup things like SSL certs and build via git push commands.


Have questions or suggestions regarding this website? Feel free email me.